mindshift to a better place.

MindShift to a Better Place is a preventative mental health campaign that focuses on raising an individual’s awareness of how low self-worth affects mental health by offering information, resources and directing people to their healthcare providers. It encourages an individual to be proactive in the management of their own mental and emotional state by taking the first step and asking for help.

Brochures are available in GP reception rooms, schools and workplaces that promote and encourage patient driven early intervention. By collaborating with GPs, schools and workplaces our brochures will reach a wide-ranging demographic of the population, with all brochures encouraging individuals to take the first step and ask for help, or to at least access the MindShift website to download information and resources on the dangers of low self-worth.

In encouraging early intervention we hope to stop the onset of low self-worth, and subsequently, other mental health issues that result from low self-worth. Developing healthy self-worth can lead to individuals having better coping skills and resilience, and a strong platform from which to stave off mental health issues.

Awareness Campaign brochures for:

→ Doctors

→ Schools

→ Workplace

For further information and brochures for GP reception rooms, schools and workplaces please contact us at www.mindshift.org.au/contact-us