schools ambassadors.

The Schools Ambassadors Project is the basis of a preventative awareness campaign to demonstrate to students how self-worth affects life and career choices. Focused on secondary students, our Schools Ambassadors are Old Collegians who volunteer their time to visit their alma mater (or other school), to talk about their school experience, share their journey to where they are now, and discuss how self-worth plays a part in their life.

Our Schools Ambassadors are leaders in the community who have achieved success in their chosen industry. They have a strong understanding of how their self-worth has underpinned their personal achievements, and understand that encouraging the development of healthy self-worth in young people will go towards ensuring the next generation of high achievers.

Our Schools Ambassadors are the best representatives of how self-worth can lead to either success or failure, and that ultimately, each individual must learn to take personal responsibility for their own actions, thoughts and feelings. The Schools Ambassador will always encourage students to ask for help if they need it.

Schools involved in the program will receive material from the MindShift to a Better Place campaign for their students and access to the Glass Half Full Campaign for Schools program for free. The program includes a Teachers Toolkit inclusive of guided lesson plans, interactive resources and engaging activities for students that encourage the development of self-worth, resilience and better coping skills.