chairman & board members.


Armin Weiner

The Chief Technical Officer of MedSoft, Armin Weiner is a global industry leader in Healthcare systems with strong analytical skills alongside extensive experience in providing next-generation Information System solutions to complex data and workflow issues.

Involved in the industry from its infancy in the 1980s, Armin has spent more than 30 years in Israel, Europe and the US in IT development, including Microsoft, France Telecom and the Dutch PTT. Having moved to California, he co-founded RealTimeImage, an innovator in the field of medical imaging with a global significance.

After the company was successfully sold to GE/IDX, Armin returned to Israel before moving to Australia in 2010. He currently heads a team of software developers in Melbourne.

It is Armin’s personal yet modest drive as an innovator that has seen him take on the position of Chairman of Mind Shift. His self-belief in overcoming adversity as he established his successes in Israel, Europe, the US and now Australia is testament to what can be achieved with a healthy outlook and hard work.

Non-Executive Directors

Eric Shmilovits

A lawyer and businessman for more than 25 years, Eric’s global experience in business covers acting in litigation matters, commercial dealings, family, property and finance.

Eric’s pro bono work includes the position of Vice President of the Technion Society of Australia, Israel’s oldest university and its top university for science, engineering and technology, and he also provides advisory assistance to the trade committee of the Australian-Israel Chamber of Commerce, one of Australia’s largest and most active not-for-profit organisations.

Eric is a passionate advocate of MindShift. He lives by the opinion that one’s confidence and belief in oneself is a mandatory requirement for life, and by far the major contribution to one’s achievements.

Giorgina Venzin

At the age of 24, Giorgina Venzin became the General Manager of The Venzin Group, a family business with interests in four Queensland restaurants.

Giorgina started her hospitality career young – at the tender age of thirteen, she was working part-time washing dishes in the first Venzin restaurant. Throughout school and university, she worked as waitress and maitre’d before graduating from the University of Queensland with a degree in Business (Hospitality and Events).

After travelling the world, Giorgina returned to the family business. Following her own interests and expertise as well as her personal dream, Giorgina opened the informal PawPaw Café. With its broad eclectic menu, it appeals to a variety of discerning tastes.

Giorgina is a passionate advocate of MindShift and believes in the importance of having a positive sense of self and in achieving solid outcomes in life. As the Youth Advocate for MindShift, Giorgina believes overcoming negative influences, and that the ‘it’s just the way I am’ attitude is the first step necessary to be successful in all aspects of life.

Kris Sargeant

Kris has over 25 years of experience working in mental health and wellbeing. Amongst her many qualifications, Kris holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), a Master of Arts (Psychology) and a Master of Business Administration specialising in Human Resource Management.

Kris has held leadership positions in community, mental health, aged care and disability organisations in New South Wales and Queensland including the role of Deputy CEO with the Richmond Fellowship NSW, General Manager of Macarthur Disability Services and CEO of Open Minds Australia from 2011–2015.

Kris started her career in youth mental health and remains passionate about the promotion of health and wellbeing, and the provision of evidence-based services to support the community. Kris has been a board member and vice president for the Mental Health Coordinating Council from 2006–2009 and the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health 2012–2015. Kris is currently the Director of Community Care and Inclusion with Wesley Mission Brisbane.

Richard Nelson

Richard has extensive executive management experience in the not-for-profit health sector, previously holding the positions of CEO of the prestigious Queensland Alliance for Mental Health Inc, the peak body for the community mental health sector, and Deputy CEO of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia with experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy, planning, national reform and education.

He is a member of the ministerial advisory group planning the implementation of NDIS in Queensland and is involved in national mental health issues as a member of Community Mental Health Australia. Richard is actively involved in establishing appropriate engagement strategies and planning mechanisms with Hospital and Health Services for the new Public Health Networks.

Richard believes that outcomes in mental health management for communities depends on a powerful emphasis on prevention and early intervention. Recognising a problem, resourcing a solution and committing to that solution is essential.

Richard is committed to strengthening the community mental health sector and is passionate about working towards a mental health system that is focused on people’s recovery in their own homes.

Rohan Barrett

Rohan Barrett is a Director at Ernst and Young (EY), a leading professional services firm, in the People Advisory Services division. Their purpose is to build a better working world. Rohan is an experienced consultant and project manager with specialist expertise in people matters. He works mostly in the areas of organisational change management, talent management, organisation design and HR improvement. He has worked extensively in the health and human services sectors across government and non-government organisations, and has a leadership role for EY within the human services sector in Queensland.

Rohan is a psychologist by profession and routinely applies his skills to organisational settings. He is passionate about a strengths-based approach to developing individuals and supporting the mission of Mind Shift, and in particular, working with young people.