advisory board.

Dr Lars Madsen

Dr Lars Madsen is a clinical psychologist who has worked in both the United Kingdom and Australia in community and hospital settings.

As well as his particular experience in working with anxiety (generalised anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder), trauma, sexual dysfunction and behaviour problems, Dr Madsen also has a keen interest in self-worth issues and specialises in the treatment of low self-worth.

Prior to working in Australia, he worked within the National Health Service in England with clients with complex needs. He has published research in academic journals as well as presented at international conferences, and is a member of the APS College of Clinical and Forensic Psychologists. Dr Madsen completed his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in Australia before obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England.

Melanie Schilling

Melanie Schilling is a registered psychologist and personal coach with over 15 years of experience in both the corporate and therapeutic arenas. She has operated across Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East as a business and personal coach for people at all levels of business, from graduates to C-suite professionals. She is a regular contributor to Channel 9’s Married at First Sight, Today Show and Today Extra, Channel 10’s The Project and The Circle, and a range of online and print publications.

Melanie has chosen to specialise as a personal relationship coach for professional people, with a clear focus on self-worth, self-worth and building resilience. Melanie holds the belief that self-worth is at the core of every relationship, regardless of age or life stage. As young people become more engaged with digital relationships, and more older people are finding themselves ‘suddenly single’, Melanie believes there has never been a more important time to support and educate people about self-care, self-love and resilience.

Dr Simon Rosenbaum

Since graduating the University of New South Wales, Simon has become the first exercise physiologist in Australia to be awarded a PhD in the area of mental illness (USYD). Simon conducted the first ever clinical trials using exercise in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow working on a multi-disciplinary project aiming to improve the physical health of people with serious mental illness (the ‘Keeping the Body in Mind’ program).

Simon has worked in various mental health settings including private and public hospitals, community facilities and general practice. Simon has presented both nationally and internationally on the role of exercise in the treatment of mental illness and is a National Director of Exercise and Sports Science Australia. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed publications across the areas of psychiatry, physical rehabilitation, public health and clinical science and has previously written for The Conversation. As part of his research Simon collaborates closely with international experts including researchers from Europe and the United Kingdom, and adds a whole new dimension to the direction of The MindShift Foundation.

Vanessa Ryan

Vanessa Ryan started her career in federal government and has worked in many different sectors since including finance, local schools and local church. More recently, Vanessa’s desire to explore her interests led her back to university where she recently graduated after studying her two major passions, psychology and justice, achieving distinctions in both. Furthermore, she was invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society in recognition of her academic achievements.

Having also bought up 5 grounded and confident children, the extensive expertise that Vanessa brings to MindShift is invaluable. Prior to joining the board, Vanessa was part of a team to evaluate MindShift’s pilot program, The Glass Half Full Program for Schools, and through her professional network, she played a pivotal role in the production of a television commercial to promote MindShift.

Vanessa has a strong desire to enhance and enrich the lives of young people with the self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence that she so happily sees in her own children. She brings passion, accomplished professionalism, and a fresh energy to MindShift.